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Ctrack On-the-Road, is a complete onboard system that helps fleet customers save time and money through advanced navigation, task management, messaging, optimal routing, voice functionality and driver behavior.

This latest Ctrack product has a powerful task management function that allows businesses and environments that utilize centralized control points or rooms to push and pull communications to and from their drivers. Parcel distribution, field services, long haul logistics, public services, utility services, rescue forces and any business in search of better fleet efficiencies and customer service would benefit from Ctrack On-the-Road. .

The product includes a built-in front view video camera for recording or taking snapshots of events – a very useful feature in the event of an accident as it helps to determine who was at fault.

Ctrack’s OBDII is a Fuel Reader provides real-time fuel economy data – assisting fleet operators, small and large, to manage their fuel related costs.

Typically, fuel accounts for more than a quarter of all operating costs for light commercial vehicles and car fleets. By adding Ctrack’s OBDII Fuel Reader* to your vehicle tracking solution you will have access to important fuel consumption, carbon emissions and RPM information through Ctrack’s software applications – giving you the visibility and means to actively manage your fuel related costs. You are also able to compare fuel usage between vehicle types, drivers, departments and cost centers giving a more accurate view of your operations and consumption.

Ctrack’s OBDII Fuel Reader simply fits into the vehicle’s OBDII maintenance port and reads directly from the engine control unit.

SS is an integrated active RFID monitoring system powered by Ctrack fleet management, that allows customers to not only benefit from the journey management tools but also plan, load, tag, reconcile and track contents during transit, delivery and issuing of instant PODs to customers as proof of delivery. The RFID tags are active once shipped from factory and can’t be disabled.

SS works seamlessly with Ctrack tracking, monitoring and fleet management systems. Fleet security is further enhanced with real-time visibility of vehicles, along with a host features including notifications regarding speed, driver behavior, rout monitoring and most importantly safe transportation of valuable assets using SS tags.

SS comes in 3 options for RFID Asset Tracking:
Identification Only, Identification with Temperature Monitoring, Identification, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring.

SS is ideal solution for Transportation of high value goods, Cash In Transit (CIT), Gold, Copper, Oil, and Bulk Liquids, Transportation of environment-sensitive cargo, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and food products.

After confirming the effectiveness of GPS tracking system fitted in the fleet of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, to track the vehicle's movement with a view to reducing consumption and ensuring the optimal use of vehicles. based on the reports from department of logistic regarding the reduction fuel consumption, maintenance costs, as well as increasing the rates of performance of the fleet , the management of Abu Dhabi Municipality have decided to expand the number of GPS tracking devices in the rest of its fleet.

On March 2012, Sharjah Municipality has awarded Trakker Middle East (TME) a contract to provide an enterprise-level vehicle tracking system for its fleet which consists of 1,150 vehicles, Recently the management of Sharjah Municipality have decided to add more GPS tracking Units for new 500 vehicles, counting on the high quality both product and service provided by TME.

On 2010, after a successful pilot and technical evaluation of vehicle monitoring solution provided by Trakker Middle East (TME), ADCO has signed a contract with TME to provision, Implementation, maintenance and service of vehicle tracking solution - Ctrack (NX30 - NX55) - for the fleet of both ADCO and its contractors.